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Attorney Ivana Roagna provides advice and legal representation in immigration and criminal matters (including under-age offenders) and  in private international law of family law.

Before the European Court of Human Rights Ivana represents victims of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights, particularly of violations of rights to private and family life, fair trial and liberty and security.

The firm handles cases in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

  Attorney profile


Graduated in law at the Catholic University (Milan, Italy) and holder of a LLM in International and European Law (Aberdeen, UK), Ivana has worked for more than 15 years mainly with International Organizations and Tribunals. A Council of Europe, European Union and United Nations’ Expert on Human Rights and Rule of Law, Ivana has been involved in projects related to justice in more than 20 Countries, drafting legal expertises and ad hoc thematic reports and providing training to legal professionals. 

  The service offered


Ivana has a passion for her cases and a deep concern for her clients.

She only takes a limited number of cases in order to dedicate her full concentration and efforts to doing the best possible job for each and every client.
Depending on the case, she can rely on a network of both national and international experts (cultural mediators, forensic experts). 






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